Dayton Airport Site Selection

Executive Summary


Situated at the crossroads of America’s major transportation routes: I-70 and I-75, the Dayton International Airport has 600 acres of land readily available for mixed-use development. Whether you are looking to locate a commercial warehouse facility for distribution, a mini office park or a convenience/ hotel-conference center: we have the available acreage to suit your needs.

To discuss your development options at the Dayton International Airport, please contact Properties Manager, Cynthia Long via email at, or at (937) 454-8201.

The Dayton International Airport is located at the intersection of I-70 and I-75, giving it access to one of the most highly traveled intersections in the United States. In fact, the Airport is within 600 miles of 53% of the U.S. population. With acreage readily available for aviation or non-aviation use, coupled with a million square foot trucking facility that can be sub-divided for multiple tenants, Dayton International Airport is your choice for business development.

Area 1- 247 acres

This area has frontage on US 40 (National Road) and is located along the West side of the entrance to the Airport. A recent demolition along the Terminal Access Road creates a unique and immediate opportunity, due to the infrastructure that supports sites on either side of the roadway. We believe that this is an excellent location for a new hotel/conference center or a convenience center for on-the-way-home services.

Area 2- 96 acres

This area contains both aviation and non-aviation areas and is generally located in the southeast portion of the Airport. Recent demolitions here also provide for immediate and cost-effective development. Highway access is less than two minutes from Area 2.

Area 3- 212 acres

This area is proposed for warehouse/distribution/logistics with some office use. Located in the northern portion of the Airport, this site has limited visibility. Adjacent to the Airport's main runway, this site has a one-million square foot open facility that can be sub-divided for multiple tenants. Future plans for this area includes the possibility of extending rail to the site.

Area 1- Dayton Wright Brothers Airport- 45 acres

This area of land is available for non-aviation development. Adjacent to Dayton Wright Brothers main runway, this site has a 45 acre development site that can be open to multiple tenants. To view the development area, click here.